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Our mission is simple: We think health plans should know the price of medical services up front, and providers should get paid extremely fast, without having to fight for what they've done. So we've built a system to simplify that process, and make it easy for everyone: The Coral Platform & Marketplace.

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For Plan Administrators
Complete, and easy-to-use solution for accessing and managing bundled healthcare programs.

Scale your bundled priced program with 100,000+ bundled offerings, in 43 states, available instantly.

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For Providers
Complete, and easy-to-use solution for accessing and managing bundled cases.

Access new stream of patients, get paid faster, and manage complex administrative cases with ease.

What Our Customers Say

"Coral gave us the ability to transform our multi-departmental manual process into an efficient and easy-to-use solution for the physician, the patient, and the Kempton Team. Everyone involved is able to be in-the-know during every step of the process. Coral helps my team deliver additional value to our clients and their employees."

Jay Kempton, President & CEO - Kempton Group.

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