Save money and get better care

With Coral, employers own their own data. No one else. 

Coral, was built from the ground up, as a platform to manage all aspects of the direct contract medical services process.

We partnered with industry leaders in bundled pricing, direct contracting, and plan administration to bring your business, a platform that many thought impossible.

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Your people, your data, your decision.

Coral insights, offers a new way for your business to manage healthcare.

  • Take control, with Coral, and see real-time data and analytics on where your money is being spent, and see what healthcare initiatives your business needs to drive down cost, and improve quality of care.​

  • Coral Insights is a management dashboard, that will help guide your businesses healthcare, into the future.

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Plug and Play

Coral is a platform, you pick your administrator.

  • Coral is a referral management solution, for organizations that care about their employees. Coral makes it easy to switch to a new plan administrator or manage network coverage, all in one easy place.

  • Regardless of what your business's current health initiatives are, Coral is the platform that will help your employees get better care, and give your company the information it needs to make informed decisions.

Supply & Demand

Change the landscape, with basic economics.

  • Large organizations, or groups of small organizations, can use insights from Coral, to drive prices down in their local markets.

  • Coral empowers employers, by removing the smoke and mirrors, and showing exactly where the money is going.

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Fully integrated Mobile Application

For a better patient experience

Patients hate being left in the dark, especially when it comes to a process like active redirection. The coral mobile app has a full suite of features and modules, that will improve patient satisfaction and reduce the likelihood of missed appointments or complications.

There is a lot more...

Check out the full list below

  • Mobile application for covered individuals.

  • Geo-fencing, for active re-direction.

  • Referral Management

  • Eligibility files (834)

  • Easy record locators

  • Management Dashboard.

  • 24/7 support.

  • Claims Export as 837 (including HCFA 1500)

  • Scheduling management

  • Voucher generation and tracking

  • Invoice tracking

  • Pre-certification integration.

  • Secure messaging between patients & providers, and between administrator and patients.

  • Standardized audit checks.

  • HIPAA compliant.

  • Internal Referral Logs