A better patient experience.

Coral is what patients deserve

Coral, was built from the ground up, as a platform to manage all aspects of the direct contract medical services process, such as referral management, billing, and keeping administrators up to date.

Coral helps providers get more operating leverage, and give better patient care. Coral is a free-market solution, that lets providers do business with any administrators or employers they want, on one platform.


No more paperwork

Automatic check in, and transfer of medical histroy.

  • The Coral mobile app, lets you fill out doctors forms beforehand, and check in automatically using WiFi.

  • Securely store your medical history on your device, and easily share it with your doctor.

  • Less paperwork, quicker administration, enables more time for doctor patient interaction.


Forget me not

Automatic procedure instruction reminders

  • The Coral mobile app, lets providers send pre-programmed push notifications, so patients don't have to worry about forgetting to take their medications or pre-procedure protocols.

  • Fewer missed appointments, better medication compliance, means better patient outcomes.

Payment, simplified

Payment from a patients phone, it's never been easier.

  • The Coral mobile app, stores their appointment voucher, so patients don't have to keep track of the paper voucher.​

  • There can be as many vouchers as needed, for just one consult, or months of physical therapy, Coral is a patients tool for a better experience.


Message, not in a bottle.

Get real answers, right away.

  • Patients often end up playing phone tag with their plan administrator and healthcare provider, and typically spend too much time on hold.

  • Skip the hold music, and send messages directly to the people who can help.

  • The Coral mobile app, has a secure HIPAA compliant messenger, which links patients, providers, and plan administrators together on one platform.


There is a lot more...

Check out the full list below

  • Mobile application for covered individuals.

  • Geo-fencing, for active re-direction.

  • Referral Management

  • Eligibility files (834)

  • Easy record locators

  • Management Dashboard.

  • 24/7 support.

  • Claims Export as 837 (including HCFA 1500)

  • Scheduling management

  • Voucher generation and tracking

  • Invoice tracking

  • Pre-certification integration.

  • Secure messaging between patients & providers, and between administrator and patients.

  • Standardized audit checks.

  • HIPAA compliant.

  • Internal Referral Logs