A new kind of provider platform

Coral gives a better patient/provider experience, and helps your organization get paid quicker.

Coral, was built from the ground up, as a platform to manage all aspects of the direct contract medical services process, such as referral management, billing, and keeping administrators up to date.

Coral helps providers get more operating leverage, and give better patient care. Coral is a free-market solution, that let's providers do business with any administrators or employers they want, on one platform.


Referral management - made easy.

We think you should skip some steps.

  • Coral, reduces redundancy in all areas, and keeps all stakeholders, up to date.

  • Any time a step happens in Coral, all the parties that should be informed, are informed.


One-click invoice creation.

Simple and easy,

  • Create invoices, in just one click, billing has never been so easy.​​

  • Coral supports unique, non-repeating invoice creation, in either, the Coral standard invoice, or select 837 formats, such as the HCFA 1500

  • (HCFA format Coming Spring 2019)


Bring your own bundles.

  • Coral easily lets providers bring and manage all of their bundles on one platform.

  • What about an exception?

  • Coral is flexible and robust, adding exceptions has never been easier. Simply add or change the line item and price on the invoice, and voila!

  • Spend less time creating bills and get paid faster.

Education Concept-02.png

Fully integrated Mobile Application

For a better patient experience

The Coral Mobile app, is an industry leading tool, that lets patients check in using their phone, fill out forms before hand, and send and receive messages with both their provider, and plan administrator.

Providers can pre-program automated notifications for certain procedures (summer 2019), and appointments can automatically be added to a patients calendar. Increase patient satisfaction, reduce missed appointments, and increase adherence to pre-procedure protocol and drug regiment adherence.

There is a lot more...

Check out the full list below

  • Mobile application for covered individuals.

  • Geo-fencing, for active re-direction.

  • Referral Management

  • Eligibility files (834)

  • Easy record locators

  • Management Dashboard.

  • 24/7 support.

  • Claims Export as 837 (including HCFA 1500)

  • Scheduling management

  • Voucher generation and tracking

  • Invoice tracking

  • Pre-certification integration.

  • Secure messaging between patients & providers, and between administrator and patients.

  • Standardized audit checks.

  • HIPAA compliant.

  • Internal Referral Logs