the roadmap

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In 2019 we had over 12,000 referrals processed, with tens of thousands of appointments scheduled and invoiced. 

We learned a lot from those referrals, and in 2020 we will be making more improvements to Coral based on your feedback. 

A completely new Coral experience, coming this spring. 


New User Interface for all screens

New User Experience

All new workflow focused on collaboration and communication.

Here are some of the highlights from 2019:

New Voucher Workflow, making it easy for new plan administrators to start using bundled programs 

New search tool, allowing bundles to be easily located across the nation

Fully automatic 837 file conversion 

Invoicing in Coral became fully featured, and extremely easy

The request referral feature got many improvements ...however we're going to do away with this feature in 2020.

Providers can have over 1,000 locations on a single account.

Providers can delegate cases to different team members, or locations.

Many updates to the timeline view

Improved chat box

Deployment of the mobile app

Providers can invoice without vouchers required

Connections management

and so much more

How does Coral work?

Payers use The Coral Platform to find your bundled offerings that match their patient needs. Once they find the right service for the patient, they'll send you a referral in Coral. You'll get an email with a link to that case, with all the information you need.



Once you get an email alert, log in to Coral to get your guarantee of payment(voucher) and communicate with the payer. Then call the patient to get them scheduled



Make sure your front desk is aware that a cash pay patient is coming, and not to file with their traditional insurance, then take care the patient as you normally would. 




Once you've seen the patient, log in to Coral to send an invoice in 30 seconds or less!

No HCFA or traditional claims are required!

“With Coral, we can issue invoices in seconds and get paid faster. There is no more manual billing!”

-BDC Medical

"We receive payment nearly twice as fast once we started using Coral."

-Tulsa Bone & Joint

The Coral Voucher

All cases you receive in Coral have a guarantee of payment for the medial services described called a voucher. The Voucher is like a "boarding pass" for a specific set of medical services, for a fixed price, defined by you in your fee schedule or "direct contract" with a payer.


All you do is check the voucher at the time of service to make sure it's still valid, take care of the patient, and invoice in Coral.

You'll be paid at full price, faster than ever, and best of all, there is no hassle with insurance.