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We think you should skip some steps


Release 2.0

We think you should skip some steps

  • A completely new look and feel, to bring Coral into 2021 and beyond.

  • Freedom to connect - Send referrals to any TPA, Employer, Provider or Care Management Company you want on Coral. 

  • View your contracts on a map, with proximity search and much more.

  • Manage your bundles, contracts, and much more, all on one platform.

  • Coral 2.0 is completely backwards compatible with Coral 1.0. 

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The Mobile App comes to Coral 2.0

  • The mobile app has had a face lift, and some new features. Contact us to schedule a demo.

  • Private Tags

  •  @Mentions

  • Private team chat channels


Nitty Gritty - 

  • Share your medical services using "lists", and adjust the prices for each contract individually.

  • Reports

  • Duplicate/Forward referral

  •  UI Updates/improvements

  • Assign referral, so you know who's managing each referral.

  • Workflow Generator - you know, for generating more work?

  • Filters on the home page, to identify what work you need to do.

  • Scheduling for Travel - Adding Arrival date and departure date as fields on the scheduling.

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It's all coming together

  • Eligibility Files can now be imported into Coral 2

  • Providers can route referrals from their primary office, to surgeons directly.

  • Create an organization profile on Coral, it's like LinkedIn, but cooler.

The Platform for You.

Coral has processed well over 40,000 appointments since January of 2019 and we're hoping you'll join us as we grow. Coral is a platform built for our users, we take tremendous pride in that fact. If you have questions, feedback, or want to bring a new feature to Coral, we'd love to talk. Email me at and I'd love to chat.


Coral 2.0 was built by over 60 people. All of us love making our user's day just a little bit better, by giving them technology that was built with care.