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Coral has a simple, standard eligibility format, that can be seen here: <Eligibility File . Download>


Have your EDI specialist contact us, to set up an eligibility feed, in the above format.

Then decide on how often you'd like the file updated, daily, weekly, or month.

Coral runs the import service every hour, so your users always have the most up to date, eligibility information.

1. Eligibility

Coral has a simple, standard bundle format, that can be seen here: <Bundle File . Download>

It's an easy & flexible format, that accommodates a wide range of business models that want to maintain their own fee schedules  and in load them into Coral.


*The only required fields are have blue headers.

2. Bundles

3. Providers

Coral has an integrated provider management component, that allows you to easily connect, from providers as your organization grows.

The Coral requires that your organization has a standard BAA with all providers that your organization sends referrals to.

This also enables providers can easily send referrals to your organization as well.

Now you're ready to send referrals!

For any questions contact us at

4. Send Referrals

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