Who we are

In direct contract healthcare, we often hear the phrase, which comes first, buyers or sellers. At Coral, we think there is a better question to ask, "how will the buyers buy, and the sellers sell?".


This question has lead us to pioneer a game changing solution in healthcare. Coral is an all in one, easy to use system, that makes direct contracting accessible & scaleable for anyone... something previously thought impossible.

Coral is lead by CEO Gregory Smith, who has made a career of taking extremely complex processes and making a simple solution.

Our mission is simple: We think direct contract healthcare is the future, and it will change the  healthcare industry as we know it- so we've built the platform to do just that.

Gregory Smith

Founder, and CEO

Serial founder, and solver of complex problems.

Troy Reichert


Chief Revenue Officer, and author of the fantastic book: Benefits Re-imagined.

Ahmed Naguib


Naguib makes sure the trains run on time, the code is good to go.

Dr. Dwayne Schmidt


Founding member of some of the best Cardiovascular institutes in the United States.

Morgan Smith


Product analysis, design and management.

Jonathan Hyatt


Support team and provider outreach lead.

Mohammed Sameer


Technically, he's the best.

Randy Compton


Philanthropist, accountant, and CFO.

Dr. Keith Smith


The pioneer of published pricing, founder of Surgery Center of Oklahoma.

Shaymaa Abubakr


Keeps the product team in check, and converts dreams into reality.

Sameh Aly

Mobile Applications Lead

Mobile applications lead, and EDI expert.

Jay Kempton


Pioneer of transparent bundle-priced plan administration.

...and 43 more. When we're not social distancing anymore, we're getting headshots we promise.

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